Princess of the Dean

SIZ: 10 Move 4
DEX: 25 Damage 3d6
STR: 10 Hit Points 30
CON: 20 Armor 1 (clothes)
APP: 30
Attacks: Dagger 20
Significant Traits: Honest 20, Merciful 18, Spiritual 20
Significant Skills: Awareness 20, Courtesy 20, Faerie Lore 9, First Aid 20


From whence Lady Byanne came from, none know. Indeed, she claims that she has inhabited the Forest of Dean since before the ancestors of the Picts first came to the land, and has only recently chosen to reveal herself to mortals. A great battle has been fought on the Other Side, she claims, and the forces of Light triumphed, ushering in something she calls the Enchantment of Britain.

Although she seems to come and go at her own pleasure, she can often be seen in the Kingdom of Ergyng riding about on a white mule, or else relaxing beneath the boughs of a tree that is half in full leaf, half in flame. What it all means is anybody’s guess.


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