Duke Derfel

Duke of Lindsey

SIZ: 15 Move 3
DEX: 11 Damage 5d6
STR: 14 Hit Points 30
CON: 15 Armor 10 + shield
APP: 12
Attacks: Dagger 10, Spear Expertise 13, Sword 21
Significant Traits: Proud 14, Valorous 15
Significant Passions: Hospitality 16
Significant Skills: Awareness 12, Battle 18, Courtesy 10, Falconry 8, First Aid 10, Heraldry 10, Horsemanship 16, Intrigue 10
Personal Data: Homeland: Lindsey; Religion: British Christian; Born: 482


Just a young lad when his father was treacherously poisoned at St. Albans, Derfel weathered the ensuing Anarchy, eventually forming an alliance with King Nanteleod of Estregales. In 507, he re-took London from the Saxons, cementing his reputation as a capable commander and lord.

Duke Derfel

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