Duke Galeholt

Duke of the Long Isles

SIZ: 14 Move 2
DEX: 10 Damage 5d6
STR: 18 Hit Points 33
CON: 19 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 14
Attacks: Dagger 10, Spear Expertise 20, Sword 23
Significant Traits: Energetic 20, Vengeful 14, Just 18, Prudent 15, Valorous 18
Significant Passions: Homage (Arthur) 18, Honor 17
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 20, Boating 12, Courtesy 12, First Aid 15, Gaming 15, Horsemanship 16, Heraldry 15, Hunting 14, Orate 17, Stewardship 8
Personal Data: Homeland: Cardiff; Religion: British Christian; Born: 485


Sir Galeholt started life as an ambitious noble who has lived in exile in Britain for many years. He is the son of a knight named Sir Bruenor, who had been exiled years earlier by King Gilmaurius to a lonely castle on the Bay of Cardiff.

As an ordinary knight, Sir Galeholt supported and fought for King Arthur. In time he earned great wealth and renown, and forged a loyal household of followers. In 521, he led those followers (plus a sizable contingent of mercenaries) north to war against Gilmaurius.

After defeating his hated rival, Galeholt declared himself “Duke of the Long Isles” and set about consolidating his holdings, which stretch from Ireland to Pictland.

Glory: 12,500

Duke Galeholt

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