Earl Robert

The Earl of Salisbury

SIZ: 9 Move 2
DEX: 17 Damage 3d6
STR: 9 Hit Points 25
CON: 16 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 9
Attacks: Dagger 3, Spear Expertise 15, Sword 17
Significant Traits: Energetic 18, Generous 14, Honest 15, Arbitrary 14, Modest 16, Temperate 17, Trusting 14, Valorous 21
Directed Traits: Suspicious (Silchester) +5
Significant Passions: Fealty (Arthur) 19, Loyalty (Vassals) 15, Love (Family) 14, Hospitality 12, Honor 16, Hate (Saxons) 8
Significant Skills: Awareness 18, Battle 18, Courtesy 6, Dancing 12, First Aid 11, Heraldry 15, Horsemanship 19, Hunting 3, Intrigue 10, Read (Latin) 1, Recognize 9, Romance 2, Tourney 7
Personal Data: Homeland: Salisbury; Religion: British Christian; Born: 492


The only son of Earl Roderick and Countess Ellen, Robert is the heir to Roderick’s seat at Sarum. After assuming the title of earl at a young age, he distinguished himself with his early and enthusiastic support of the Boy King, and with his valor in battle. He is one of the “Eager Vassals,” always ready to answer the call of his liege lord. Age and battle have tempered his notorious petulance and bloody-mindedness somewhat, as well as his hatred of the Saxons.

Now, in his middle age, he dotes on the accomplishments of his children and looks forward to training of his grandchildren.

Glory: 8,910

Earl Robert

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