Father Tewi

The Earl's confessor

SIZ: 10 Move 2
DEX: 10 Damage 3d6
STR: 10 Hit Points 23
CON: 13 Armor 1 (clothes)
APP: 10
Attacks: Cudgel 14
Significant Traits: Chaste 4, Forgiving 10, Merciful 8, Modest 10, Temperate 4, Valorous 4
Significant Passions: Love (God) 3, Hate (Saxons) 14
Significant Skills: Chirurgery 2, First Aid 4, Flirting 8, Stewardship 4, Religion (Christian) 4


The priest of Salisbury Castle, Tewi is personal confessor to the earl and his wife, as well as the general religious overseer of the castle and its people. He is not particularly wealthy, but is well maintained by the earl. He loves his drink, and is rumored to have a wandering eye (and hand, depending on who tells the tale) when it comes to several of the serving maids.

Father Tewi

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