King Anguish

King of Leinster

SIZ: 19 Move 3
DEX: 11 Damage 6d6
STR: 17 Hit Points 35
CON: 16 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 13
Attacks: Dagger 5, Spear 20, Lance 8, Sword 15
Significant Traits: Lustful 15, Energetic 20, Generous 14, Proud 16, Valorous 18
Significant Passions: Love (family) 21, Honor 24
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 19, Courtesy 13, First Aid 10, Heraldry 8, Horsemanship 17, Hunting 20, Music 13
Personal Data: Homeland: Leinster; Religion: Pagan; Born: 475


Anguish of the Ui Drinlaing began his transformation of Leinster after the death of his father, Leinster-king Dunlaing, in 499. Hoping to settle the feud dividing Leinster between North and South, Anguish married Isolt, an Ui Cennsealaigh princess educated in Ganis, in 501. Together, they imported Aquitanian customs to Leinster, just as Arthur and Guenever were feudalizing Britain.

Anguish was completely successful in pacifying his own province, taming the Lochlannach, making peace with Britain, and keeping the Ui Niall at bay. In person, his adherence to the rules of Honor was irreproachable. In a certain light, he is the kind of “good king” about whom there is little to say. But the Ui Niall and other rivals saw him differently: as the traitor who bought peace, for Leinster, by selling Ireland as a whole to ruthless foreigners.

Glory: 12,500

King Anguish

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