Lady Feunete

Wife of Sir Uffo of Silchester

SIZ: 10 Move 2
DEX: 11 Damage 3d6
STR: 9 Hit Points 24
CON: 14 Armor 1 (clothes)
APP: 16
Attacks: Dagger 7
Significant Traits: Chaste 16, Energetic 14, Temperate 15, Valorous 5
Significant Passions: Love (Family) 20, Hate (Saxons) 12
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Chirurgery 8, Courtesy 12, Dance 11, Distaff 7, First Aid 12, Flirting 8, Orate 10, Siege 4, Singing 16
Personal Data: Homeland: Salisbury; Religion: British Christian; Born: 480


The young niece of Sir Amig, Feunete is a wiry sprite of a woman, newly come of age and ready for marriage. Her love for her uncle is apparent while the two are together. Due to her strong voice, she is often called upon at court to recite some legend of knightly prowess, for which she all too eagerly extolls valorous praise of her uncle and grandfather.

A great beauty and rich to boot, she was married to Uffo, son of Duke Ulfius of Silchester, during the Anarchy as a show of friendship between the two counties.

Glory: 2,150

Lady Feunete

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