Lady Melissant

Daughter of Sir Bagdemagus

SIZ: 11 Move 2
DEX: 15 Damage 3d6
STR: 9 Hit Points 23
CON: 12 Armor 1 (clothing)
APP: 18
Attacks: Dagger 2
Significant Traits: Chaste 14, Energetic 16, Forgiving 12, Reckless 14
Significant Passions: Love (Family) 14, Hospitality 13, Honor 14
Significant Skills: Chirurgery 10, Compose 8, Courtesy 12, First Aid 12, Flirting 10, Horsemanship 10, Industry 9, Intrigue 8, Stewardship 10
Personal Data: Homeland: Strangorre; Religion: Pagan; Born: 521


Melissant is a reckless ball of energy. Only recently has her mother forced her to settle down more and learn the proper arts of courtly behavior. Although good natured and well endowed with fair features and waspish figure, she is more than a handful for any man. Her father has thus made it be known her dowry will be quite generous to ensure her marriage. Melissant will gain her first Amor when she meets a man that matches her level of energy.

Glory 180

Lady Melissant

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