Morgan le Fay

Infamous Sorceress

SIZ: 8 Move 2
DEX: 17 Damage 3d6
STR: 7 Hit Points 28
CON: 20 Armor 1
APP: 29
Attacks: Dagger 5
Significant Traits: Lustful 21, Energetic 18, Proud 20, Spiritual 21, Reckless 16, Arbitrary 17, Valorous 11
Directed Traits: Trusting (Ladies of the Lake) +5
Significant Passions: Hospitality 16, Love (Family) 16, Hate (Arthur) 25
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Chirurgery 22, Distaff 15, Faerie Lore 24, First Aid 18, Intrigue 23, Read (Latin) 10, Read (Ogham) 7
Personal Data: Homeland: Cornwall; Religion: Pagan; Born: 480; Woman’s Gift: Potion Brewer


This wicked witch is the youngest sister of King Arthur. Morgan was once friendly, but has proved herself treacherous and been driven into hidden exile. She has maneuvered many plots against the king and his knights, and her secret strongholds throughout the land provide refuge for bandits, and meeting places for conspirators.

Morgan is a powerful sorceress, known to commune with faeries and other pagan powers. Her powers of seduction and lust are rumored to be as great as her magic.

Glory: 7,414

Morgan le Fay

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