Madog, King of Sauvage

The Mysterious and Enigmatic King of the Forest Sauvage

SIZ: 10 Move 3
DEX: 19 Damage 4d6
STR: 15 Hit Points 40
CON: 30 Armor 21 + shield
APP: 6
Attacks: Dagger 10, Lance 20, Spear 26, Sword 21
Significant Traits: Chaste 4, Energetic 18, Generous 16, Honest 17, Spiritual 22, Valorous 10
Directed Traits: Trusting (family) +5)
Significant Passions: Homage (Oberon) 15, Love (family) 18, Hospitality 20, Honor 13
Significant Skills: Awareness 35, Battle 20, Heraldry 20, Horsemanship 25, Hunting 20, Singing 30


Short and ugly, King Madog wears beautiful, expensive clothing perfectly tailored to grace his ill-shaped body: “The usual stuff, silks and satins and rare colors with silver thread.” He rules a secret kingdom in the heart of the most ancient forest in Logres, and his powers are said to be manifold. Certainly, he is possessed of a great and powerful singing voice.

Madog, King of Sauvage

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