Merlin the Magician

The Legendary Enchanter

SIZ: 12 Move 7
DEX: 17 Damage 7d6
STR: 28 Hit Points 47
CON: 19 Armor 2 (robes)
APP: 12
Attacks: Dagger 5, Spear 6, Magical Disarm 26
Significant Traits: Chaste 14, Energetic 19, Generous 18, Honest 19, Prudent 14, Spiritual 19, Temperate 15, Valorous 15
Significant Passions: Love (family) 10, Love (Britain) 24, Hospitality 15
Significant Skills: Awareness 22, Battle 15, Chirurgery 20, Compose 10, Courtesy 21, Faerie Lore 21, First Aid 24, Folklore 21, Heraldry 0, Horsemanship 1, Hunting 21, Industry 10, Play (harp) 19, Read (Latin) 0, Recognize 15, Religion (Christianity) 6, Religion (Paganism) 22, Singing 10, Siege 10
Personal Data: Homeland: Logres; Religion: Pagan; Born: 447
  • Merlin has magically enhanced Strength, Constitution, and Hit Points. These scores are beyond human standards due to bonuses accrued from Merlin’s magic: STR and Hit Points +16 each, and CON +8.

† Merlin must have his staff in hand to use his Magical Disarm, and he must be within 20 yards of the target (even in melee). It is treated as a standard opposed combat roll. If Merlin wins, the opponent’s weapon is torn from his grasp and sent hurtling to any location within range, at Merlin’s whim.



After many decades serving as Archdruid of Britain, Merlin went missing. Some say he is dead, others say he is merely sleeping until the realm needs him again. Arthur misses him terribly and is adrift without his guidance.

Merlin the Magician

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