King Cynric

Pennath of Wessex

SIZ: 17 Move 2
DEX: 8 Damage 6d6
STR: 14 Hit Points 31
CON: 14 Armor 16 + shield
APP: 10
Attacks: Axe 21, Javelin 17, Spear 20
Significant Traits: Generous 18, Worldly 14, Valorous 17
Significant Passions: Honor 17, Fealty (Arthur) 21
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 10, Boating 18, Swimming 12
Personal Data: Homeland: Hwicce; Religion: Wotanic; Born: 478


After the Battle of Badon Hill and the death of his half-Cymric father, Cynric, owing to his British blood, was the only Saxon lord allowed to maintain his seat, on the grounds he swear fealty to Arthur, which he gladly did. He has been well-treated by the Pendragon ever since.

Glory: 7,400

King Cynric

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