Brother Aeron

Sir Tathan's younger brother, a knight turned holy man.


Glory: 7334

SIZ: 16 Move 2
DEX: 6 Damage 6d6
STR: 13 Hit Points 25
CON: 16 Armor 1 (robes)
APP: 7 Features: Hawkish Nose, Gaping Hole in Chest
Attacks: Dagger 12
Significant Traits: Chaste 16, Energetic 16, Generous 16, Merciful 16, Modest 16, Valorous 16
Significant Passions: Loyalty (Earl Robert) 17, Love (Family) 18, Hospitality 20, Hate (Saxons) 18, Hate (Cornishmen) 19, Homage (Arthur) 17
Significant Skills: Battle 15, Horsemanship 15, Spear Expertise 16, Awareness 16, Courtesy 15, Hunting 14, Intrigue 13, Play (Harp) 12, Swimming 13


Brother Aeron was the younger sibling of famed knight Sir Tathan, and held Newton Tony for a number of years after his brother passed. During his time as a knight, he fostered many friendships, and not a few enmities, one specifically with the Cornish King Idres.

It was this hatred that brought about his end as a knight, for when Idres sent a punitive force of Cornishmen and Saxons to capture Aeron and deliver him to Cornwall and the King’s so-called justice, Aeron battled to his final breath, suffering a vicious spear-wound to the breast. Though the wound gaped open and poured forth a fountain of his life’s blood, Aeron remained on his horse until his assailants had fallen, and only then did he fall into a deathly coma.

Despite the tender care rendered by his wife, Morcheidys, Aeron’s wound refused to close, instead remaining open, revealing his still-beating heart to any who cared to look. Upon regaining use of his faculties, Aeron surrendered his sword to Sir Meirchion, whom he had felled in his final dishonorable stand, and released the knight without ransom.

It was not long after when he took the vows of a Friar and assumed residence in Newton Tony’s recently-constructed chapel and the true nature of his miraculous wound were revealed; for upon touching his beating heart, the sick regained their vigor and the wounded were mended.

Word spread quickly of these events, and in 512, King Arthur himself visited Newton Tony with his entire court. After that, Newton Tony became a regular destination for pilgrimage. Aeron abides yet in the chapel, and some say that the day he leaves its walls his wound will again flow forth with his life’s blood and he will die.

Brother Aeron

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