Sir Bagdemagus

Steward of Gorre

SIZ: 17 Move 3
DEX: 15 Damage 6d6
STR: 18 Hit Points 32
CON: 15 Armor 14 + shield + Armor of Chivalry
APP: 13
Attacks: Dagger 5, Spear Expertise 22, Sword 21
Significant Traits: Energetic 18, Forgiving 21, Generous 16, Honest 19, Lustful 16, Proud 16, Valorous 18
Significant Passions: Homage (Arthur) 18, Love (Family) 16, Love (Wife) 16, Hospitality 20, Honor 17
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 17, Courtesy 18, Falconry 13, Heraldry 14, Horsemanship 18, Hunting 14, Stewardship 17, Tourney 16
Personal Data: Homeland: Gorre; Religion: Pagan; Born: 494


The nephew of Uriens and Morgan le Fay, Sir Bagdemagus roamed far and wide as an errant knight in his youth. Bagdemagus is a member of the Round Table for his many great deeds, but most notably for his chivalry and forgiving nature.

Sir Bagdemagus was not happy to be left as steward of Gorre by his uncle when Uriens died. However, he had married quite young and now that his children are growing older he can spend more time with them. Sir Bagdemagus also quickly became adept at managing the lands of Corre, so much so that the people refer to him often as the ’king’.

Glory 9,000

Sir Bagdemagus

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