Sir Blamore de Ganis

A notable de Ganis knight

SIZ: 16 Move 3
DEX: 13 Damage 5d6
STR: 14 Hit Points 31
CON: 15 Armor 14 + shield
APP: 13
Attacks: Dagger 10, Sword 25, Spear 10, Lance 20
Significant Traits: Just 18, Valorous 18
Significant Passions: Love (Family) 18, Honor 18
Significant Skills: Awareness 16, Battle 20, Courtesy 8, Falconry 15, First Aid 10, Heraldry 13, Horsemanship 18, Hunting 10, Tennis 15, Tourney 8
Personal Data: Homeland: Ganis; Religion: Arian Christian; Born: 492


Son of Nestor, brother of Sir Bleoberis de Ganis, cousin of Lancelot, and a knight of the Round Table. Of the two brothers, Blamore is accounted the better man of arms. Blamore and Bleoberis once arraigned King Anguish of Ireland for the death of a cousin of theirs. Blamore was the one who fought the actual trial by combat against Anguish’s champion, Sir Tristram. Defeated, Blamore tried to insist on death rather than surrender. Bleoberis seconded his brother’s request, but Tristram and the judges refused to allow it.

Glory: 5,400

Sir Blamore de Ganis

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