Sir Caradoc

A Pagan knight and horse enthusiast

Age: 63 (d. 539) Son Number: 2 Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric (Pagan)
Lord: Earl Robert Lord, Salisbury
Current Class: Knight
Current Home: Pitton
Distinctive Features: Tall
Attacks: Dagger 7, Spear Expertise 19, Sword 16; Battle 16, Horsemanship 21
Significant Traits: Lustful 16, Energetic 19, Generous 16, Honest 16, Proud 18, Trusting 16, Valorous 17
Significant Passions: Fealty (Lord) 18, Homage 16, Love (Family) 18, Hospitality 16, Honor 18, Loyalty (Dragonslayers) 20
Significant Skills: Compose 11, Flirting 13, Hunting 16, Play (Harp) 12
Personal Data: Homeland: Salisbury; Religion: Pagan; Born: 476


Old Knights 0
Middle-Age Knights 3
Young Knights 14
Total Family Knights 17
Vassal Knights 1
Other Lineage Men 22
Levy 55

Family Characteristic: Good With Words (+10 Compose)

Name Born Relation Married Legitimate Heir
Meya 500 Daughter N Y Y
Annest 501 Daughter N Y Y
Cadfannan 502 Son N Y Y
Leri 502 Daughter N Y Y
Collwen 507 Daughter N Y Y
Morien 507 Son N Y Y
Heledd 508 Daughter N Y Y
Briant 509 Daughter Y d. 511
Dafydd 510 Son N Y Y
Liam 511 Son N Y Y


Younger brother of Sir Cynrain, and keeper of Pitton, inherited after his older brother became Count of Rydychan. Died peacefully on the family estate in 539, leaving Pitton to his eldest son, Cadfannan.

Sir Caradoc

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