Sir Geriant

Prince of Strangorre

SIZ: 17 Move 3
DEX: 15 Damage 6d6
STR: 16 Hit Points 33
CON: 13 Armor 14 + shield
APP: 16
Attacks: Dagger 9, Spear Expertise 12, Sword 18
Significant Traits: Energetic 14, Honest 15, Proud 14, Prudent 14, Valorous 16
Significant Passions: Love (family) 21, Honor 24
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Battle 16 Compose 8, Courtesy 12, First Aid 11, Gaming 9, Heraldry 14, Horsemanship 15, Hunting 15, Orate 10
Personal Data: Homeland: Strangorre; Religion: Pagan; Born: 512


Sir Geriant lives a tormented life. Ever since he was knighted he has yearned to visit Camelot and adventure in the lands of the south, but troubles in Strangorre keep him from his dream. Sir Geriant would be deeply grateful to any who make his dream a reality by helping give Strangorre some respite from its constant harassment.

Glory 2,390

Sir Geriant

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