Banneret Knight


The lowest rank of lord knight, and that rank most accessible to the player knights, is that of banneret, so named for the war banner (the pennocel) he bears into battle. A knight banneret holds several manors and estates. He must have at least three vassal knights of his own holding land from him, but typically has eight to twelve. In battle, the banneret and his followers form a unit called an eschille. He also has a hall much nicer than that of a vassal knight, but usually not a fortified estate or castle.


Like a vassal knight, a banneret must inherit land, gain land (as a grant or a gift) from a lord, or conquer new lands. Because he has enfeoffed other knights, the banneret’s responsibility as a leader (both in peace and war) is greater than that of a vassal knight. When summoned to battle, the banneret must bring his eschille as well.


A knight banneret has all the benefits of a vassal knight, with the following additions or addendums:

  • Eligibility. The Gamemaster must ensure that a banneret’s wife is more individualized and wealthier than the wives of mere vassal knights. (Note that marrying one of the named ladies of the court automatically raises a knight to banneret level.)
  • Eschille. A banneret knight has a private army pledged to obey him, composed of perhaps a handful of household knights and sergeants, plus 3 or more vassal knights and their own followers.
  • Glory. A banneret receives 100 Glory during the Winter Phase of the year in which he is first entitled. This Glory is added during the Winter Phase that concludes that year. The banneret gets annual Glory thereafter equal to the total income of his estate (in libra) for as long as he holds it. This is at least 30 points, often much more.
  • Income. A banneret knight receives an income to maintain his appropriate lifestyle as a Rich knight, as long as famine or raids do not interfere; when he travels, he can go with a full retinue, and he usually has disposable income.
  • Influence. A lord knight has increased rank and prestige, and is raised in the hierarchy of knighthood over all landless and vassal knights. He is always seated higher at table, enters the room later, and is served before lesser knights.

Banneret Knight

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