Failing a Passion Roll

If a knight fails a passion roll, he is disheartened and suffers the normal -5 modifier to all further rolls made during the situation that brought on his state and loses a point from the passion, as per the rules.

Once the situation passes, he then becomes melancholic. Follow the normal rules for melancholy and snapping out of it, except that the ‘victim’ of the melancholy can snap out of it at any time by voluntarily reducing the passion that brought on his melancholy by a further point.

(And also remember that any knights who fail to achieve their inspired goals suffer shock, causing the knight to suffer a premature aging roll!)

  • Failed rolls for Passions rated 10 and under do not cause Melancholy, nor is it possible to suffer Madness on a Fumbled roll for such a low passion. (A natural 20 does, however, reduce the Passion by 1.)

Failing a Passion Roll

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