Newton Tony


“Newton Tony? Why, sir, everyone in these parts knows where that is. Just go that way there, and keep on going. You’ll come to a place where everyone has a face that would curdle milk. That’ll be Newton Tony. You can’t miss it.”
-Voord 99



D.V. 12/11/12/4

-7 household knights (Sir Godfree, Sir Neddig, and the rest)
-14 Footmen
- 7 Garrison


Lord: Sir Neilyn, first son of Tathan

Friar: Brother Aeron
Nun: Lady Morcheidys
Chaplain: Ricerch (17)
Steward: Sywno (17)

Sir Neddig
-Promoted Squire of Sir Tathan

Sir Godfree
-Promoted Squire of Sir Tathan

Five other Household Knights of eager mien


Dozens of beehives hum with the ceaseless activity of a thousand thousand bees.

Orchard, Plum:
Some of these trees are decades old, and bear bountiful harvests each year.

Orchard, Apple:
These trees are almost fully grown, their harvests becoming more and more regular.

Orchard, Cherry:
Saplings have begun blossoming and bearing enough fruit to offset their annual maintenance. The every year the smell of cherries promises fuller and fuller harvests.

Orchard, Pear:
Freshly planted saplings stand in rows, cared for tenderly by experienced hands. There is great expectation for this plot of fruit trees.

The mooing of cattle patiently waiting milking time pervades this section of the property, the birthing of a calf is celebrated with mugs of fresh cream. The smell is quite rank, though.

Sheep Herd:
The pastoral ideal, dozens of the shaggy, stupid creatures being chased around idyllic landscapes by dogs and herders, bells clinking while waiting to be sheared and butchered.


The cries of various birds of prey emanate occasionally from these wire-frame constructions. There are few mornings now in Newton Tony that don’t begin with the flying of a hawk, its piercing cry far outpacing the slightly-embarassed clucks of nearby roosters.

Religious Monument:
A bas-relief stone wall, featuring a praying knight shielded from satan by Jesus Christ. Commissioned by Sir Tathan, it was completed in the winter after his death. The sculpted knight, originally designed to be helmeted, instead now bears a likeness to the deceased knight, and the ground before the monument is adorned with his final resting place.

Constructed in the Great Hall shortly after Sir Aeron had a vision of his descendants praying before it. It is small and simple, but offers solitude and opportunity for communion. It has recently gained significant acknowledgement due to Sir Aeron’s miraculous wound which, along with his resignation of knighthood, warranted a visit by King Arthur himself in 512.
It is now the permanent home of the sanctified former knight, and rumour tells that his mortal wound will claim his life should he leave the protection of its grounds. He is tended to by Lady Morcheidys, whose fondness for her husband has grown upon his resignation of the sword.

Guest House:
Abutting the chapel, this guest house was completed the year before King Arthur’s auspicious visit to Newton Tony, it has since played host to Duke Ulfius of Silchester.

Jousting Arena: A sandy lot with an abutting storage awning, featuring various training implements for increasing one’s skill with a lance on horseback. The arena is raked daily and kept in good repair to enable its usage by all visiting and household knights.


Newton Tony has shed the use of wooden structures and moved into the new era of stonework defenses. A large stone castle looms over the surrounding town of Newton Tony, and word spreads among the peasants residing within that soon the outdated Town Enclosure will be replaced with stone as well.

Town Enclosure:
An enlarged Bailey complete with a wet moat, surrounding the entirety of Newton Tony. Constructed as the Saxon hordes once again swarmed from the southeast; it ensures some measure of safety for the lord and his commoners. Slowly but surely, Newton Tony is becoming another island wracked by storms in these unsure times of the Boy King.

Peering out over the walls of the Town Enclosure, these wooden constructions allow for unparalleled views of approaching merchants, pilgrims, and armies.

Double Ditch:


Curtain Wall:


Square Gate Tower:

Square Double Towers:

Keep, Huge
Lore Keep, constructed in 513, was dedicated to Sir Archade’s late wife, previously of the Wintersloughs. The second of its type in Logres, it sits atop a motte, looking down imposingly over the surrounding village and fields.

Gate Tower:

Newton Tony

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