Round Table Knight

alan_lee_castles_camelot03.jpgRound Table member- ship is the ultimate success. The Round Table is a body of handpicked knights who serve at Arthur’s personal command. They are chosen because they personify the virtues that Arthur wishes to bring to his land: knighthood, chivalry, and romance.

150 knights have seats. The Round Table is a marvelous piece of furniture given to Arthur by his father-in-law at his wedding. Each knight has a seat with his name engraved on a gold plaque. The name magically appears on the plaque sometimes even before the king knows that the knight will be chosen.


A candidate for the Round Table must be a Chivalrous knight sponsored by another member of the Round Table; OR they must have performed a great deed, such as rescuing King Arthur, single-handedly turning the tide of an important battle; OR performed some great deed, such as slaying a dragon. Furthermore, King Arthur can appoint anyone he wants, as he often does with important political leaders. Alternately, about 8000 Glory is sufficient to be noticed for the Round Table. There must also be a vacancy, which only occurs when a member dies or retires from active campaigning. The gamemaster will determine this. A member swears the Round Table oath:

“I swear, by the honor done me by my lord Arthur and the Table Round, to never commit violence without good purpose, to shun all murder and treason, and to give mercy where it is asked. I swear, upon pain of death, to always protect ladies, gentlewomen, damsels, and widows. I promise to never fight for an unjust cause, and to never fight for personal gain, and to never fight against another Round Table knight.”


A Round Table knight must attend Arthur’s annual Pentecostal feast, there to relate the deeds of the year gone by and to renew his oath; unless he is upon some quest or important business. He must acknowledge Arthur as his lord. He must perform every deed with a mind towards the betterment of Arthur’s name and the glory of Britain. Knights of the Round Table act as leaders in war, especially as officers over other knights, war councilors, bodyguards to the Pendragon, and as an elite battle unit.

Knights of the Round Table act as leaders in peace. Their duty is to deliver the High King’s justice across the land, and to act as models of behavior for all to emulate. They carry the king’s messages, conduct his business, and protect his roads, people, and property.


Upon selection to the Round Table a knight receives 1000 Glory points for the honor, and a place at the magical table. Characters may get a new passion of Loyal (King Arthur). The starting value is equal to the average of Energetic, Generous, Honest, Just, Merciful, Modest, and Valorous, and the passions of Loyalty, Honor, and Amor (Lady).

A knight of the Round Table possesses the greatest honor in the land, and is always respected by those who revere peace, wisdom, and the king’s justice. Knights of the Round Table are respected by men, admired by women, and always welcome in any house in Britain, once their origin are made known.

Furthermore, King Arthur gives the Round Table knights a grant of land that will ensure their accoutrement as a Rich Knight, and will outfit them with the best armor and horses available when possible, and all other benefits of a leading courtier of the realm.

Round Table Knight

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