Bishop Roger

Bishop of Salisbury

SIZ: 13 Move 2
DEX: 11 Damage 4d6
STR: 11 Hit Points 25
CON: 12 Armor 1 (robes)
APP: 10
Attacks: Dagger 12
Significant Traits: Chaste 15, Forgiving 16, Prudent 18, Temperate 14, Wordly 18
Significant Passions: Love (God) 14, Loyalty (Earl Robert) 13
Significant Skills: First Aid 8, Chirurgery 5, Courtesy 13, Intrigue 16, Orate 11, Read (Latin) 8, Religion (British Christianity) 14


The Bishop of Salisbury is both wealthy and worldly, in a religious sort of way. His wealth comes from the holdings of the church, including the church holdings of Amesbury and those around Sarum and Warminster, and the other numerous sources of church income. He is well educated, widely read, and influential; he loves to travel to London for business. He tends towards practicality when conflict between the count and the church arises.

Glory: 147

Bishop Roger

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