Colomb Not-a-Lady

Founder of the Order of Boadicea's Daughters

SIZ: 12 Move 3
DEX: 14 Damage 4d6
STR: 13 Hit Points 29
CON: 17 Armor 10 + shield
APP: 14
Attacks: Dagger 5, Spear Expertise 18, Sword 18, Axe 15
Significant Traits: Valorous 20
Significant Passions: Loyalty (Boadicea’s Daughters) 20
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Battle 18, Courtesy 8, First Aid 11, Horsemanship 18, Hunting 15, Siege 9
Personal Data: Homeland: Ergyng; Religion: British Christian; Born: 478


Born and raised in the hills of Cambria, Colomb was inspired by the Song of Vergil, a popular chanson of her youth. In 497, at the tender age of 19, she took up arms and led a mercenary army in the taking of The Red Keep of Kenilworth in Wuerensis. She then founded the Order of the Daughters of Boadicea in order to promote the cause of lady-knighthood.

Glory: 650

Colomb laid down the following conditions for membership in her Order:

  • Members must prove themselves willing to bear arms.
  • They must take an oath of fealty to the First Daughter.
  • They must remain unmarried, but marriage brings only a formal declaration of independence, and carries no shame or rancor.
  • Members must live on the lands of Kenilworth Castle as long as they are unmarried, whereupon they must move.

Colomb Not-a-Lady

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