Countess Katherine

Countess of Salisbury

SIZ: 8 Move 2
DEX: 12 Damage 3d6
STR: 12 Hit Points 24
CON: 16 Armor 1 (clothing)
APP: 16
Attacks: Dagger 8, Spear 3
Significant Traits: Chaste 15, Worldly 16, Selfish 14, Valorous 6
Significant Passions: Love (Earl Robert) 15
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Chirurgery 11, Courtesy 12, Dance 11, Distaff 14, Fashion 15, Horsemanship 10, Intrigue 15
Personal Data: Homeland: Uffington; Religion: British Christian; Born: 498


Lady of the White Horse Vale, Katherine of Uffington was one of the most eligible ladies in Logres when Earl Robert of Salisbury made her his bride. She is not particularly intelligent, but she loves to gossip and has elevated Lady Tryamour of Ebble to the position of chief handmaiden chiefly so that she can keep up on the latest courtly fashions and gossip.

In 516, she gave birth to a son, Gondrins.

Glory: 3,000

Countess Katherine

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