Sir Cynwal

Heir of Flaxfield (well, sorta...)

Age: 49 (d. 516) Son Number: 1 Homeland: Gloucester
Culture: Cymric (Pagan)
Lord: Duke of Gloucester
Current Class: Banneret
Current Home: Flaxfield
Distinctive Features: Charming Smile
Attacks: Spear 15
Significant Traits: Energetic 16, Honest 16, Temperate
Significant Passions: Homage 21, Love (Family) 18, Hospitality 19, Loyalty (Dragonslayers) 19
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Hunting 12
Personal Data: Homeland: Gloucester; Religion: Pagan; Born: 516

Inherited Glory: 2056
Current Glory: 3181

Best Warhorse: Andalusian Charger

Libra: 0£


Old Knights 0
Middle-Age Knights 3
Young Knights 15
Total Family Knights 17
Vassal Knights 1
Other Lineage Men 25
Levy 58

Family Characteristic: Good With Words (10 Compose)
Luck: Warrior’s Song (
3 Energetic & +3 Valorous, Singing roll)



One of Sir Edern‘s twin sons, and an heir of Flaxfield. Jovial, rowdy and energetic, Cynwal spent much of his childhood running around the manor (and forest) with the local boys – and perhaps didn’t spend quite as much time studying the lessons of knighthood. Nonetheless, he is a brave and honorable young man, who loves his family more than anything.

Brother of Sir Cynfan.

Sir Cynwal

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