Duke Morvid

Duke of Gloucester

SIZ: 14 Move 3
DEX: 14 Damage 5d6
STR: 15 Hit Points 35
CON: 21 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 15
Attacks: Dagger 5, Spear Expertise 16, Sword 21, Mace 14
Significant Traits: Chaste 4, Generous 17, Just 18, Valorous 18
Significant Passions: Loyalty (Vassals) 23, Hospitality 18, Honor 20
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 16, Courtesy 15, Flirting 18, Horsemanship 17, Intrigue 13, Recognize 15
Personal Data: Homeland: Gloucester; Religion: British Christian; Born: 485


Morvid was a minor scion of the aged Duke Eldol when Gloucester fell to Clarence in the Anarchy. With the ascent of the Boy King in 510, Morvid’s eagerness to support the young Arthur won him the king’s esteem. With Eldol in the ground by that point, Arthur restored the seat of the Duke of Gloucester and named Morvid to the title.

Since then, the young Duke has earned the unwavering support of his subjects through a combination of personal charisma and just rule. His one great weakness is the ladies, and he has made more than a few enemies among the cuckolded husbands of his conquests.

Glory: 22,000

Duke Morvid

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