Gallant of Sauvage

Mysterious knight, expert falconer

SIZ: 20 Move 4
DEX: 20 Damage 7d6
STR: 20 Hit Points 40
CON: 20 Armor 18 + shield
APP: 20
Attacks: Dagger 10, Lance 21, Spear 21, Sword 23
Significant Traits: Valorous 18, Indulgent 16
Significant Passions: Love (falconry) 25, Fealty (King Madog) 20
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 15, Courtesy 15, First Aid 15, Heraldry 8, Horsemanship 21, Hunting 15, Tourney 10


King Madog’s majordomo, the Gallant of Sauvage loves nothing in this world more than the fine art of falconry, and maintains a massive mews with at least one of each type of hawk and falcon. It is said that none may seek an audience with the king without the Gallant’s approval first.

Gallant of Sauvage

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