King Ban

King of Benoit

SIZ: 14 Move 3
DEX: 17 Damage 6d6
STR: 18 Hit Points 32
CON: 18 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 18
Attacks: Sword 25, Spear 20, Lance 15
Significant Traits: Honest 16, Just 16, Valorous 20
Significant Passions: Honor 20, Hospitality 18
Significant Skills: Awareness 20, Battle 20, Courtesy 20, Heraldry 10, Horsemanship 20, Hunting 17, Orate 16, Recognize 10
Personal Data: Homeland: Benwick; Religion: Arian Christian; Born: 475


Ban is the king of the land of Benoit, also called Benwick, later called Poitou. He is Aquitanian of Visigoth extraction, and is a great and honorable knight and just ruler. He and his brother Bors supported the young boy king Arthur during his early reign, leading troops in a last-minute flank assault on the second day of the Battle of Bedegraine. He has a young son named Galahad.

Glory: 17,400

King Ban

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