Countess Elin of Rydychan

Wife of Count Cynrain

SIZ: 9 Move 2
DEX: 9 Damage 3d6
STR: 11 Hit Points 23
CON: 14 Armor 1 (clothing)
APP: 19
Attacks: Dagger 11
Significant Traits: Chaste 15, Valorous 6
Directed Traits: Suspicious (the Pendragon) +4
Significant Passions: Honor 16, Hospitality 11
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Chirurgery 19, Courtesy 18, Dance 11, Distaff 16, Falconry 11, Fashion 10, Horsemanship 16
Personal Data: Homeland: Lindsey; Religion: British Christian; Born: 459


Daughter of the steward of Lincoln. Had an assignation with Sir Cynrain in 487. Married to the Count of Rydychan the following year, widowed after St. Albans. Her knights turned against her and she became a countess without a land.

In 499, Cynrain raised a small army and invaded Rydychan, killing all three of the de Wallingford brothers. Countess Elin nursed him back to health after his final duel with Sir Bege and they were married shortly thereafter.

Glory: 3,900

Countess Elin of Rydychan

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