Lady Seren

Eldest child of Sir Edern

SIZ: 10 Move 2
DEX: 9 Damage 4d6
STR: 11 Hit Points 26
CON: 15 Armor 1 (clothing)
APP: 20 Healing 7
Attacks: Dagger 17
Significant Traits: Lustful 16, Energetic 17, Forgiving 19, Generous 19, Honest 18, Just 17, Merciful 16, Proud 17, Prudent 16, temperate 16, Trusting 16, Valorous 17
Significant Passions: Fealty 16, Homage 17, Love Family 18, Hospitality 17, Honor 17, Love Husband 18, Concern Commoners 16
Significant Skills: Awareness 13, Distaff 19, Chirurgery 14, Compose 18, Courtesy 15, Faerie Lore 15, Falconry 16, Fashion 15 +5, Horsemanship 18, Intrigue 17, Orate 17, Play (Harp) 18, Singing 18
Personal Data: Homeland: Gloucester; Religion: Pagan; Born: 515 Distinctive Features: Tall, Long Wavy Hair, Patrician Nose

Glory: 15,665

Name Born Relation Married Legitimate Heir
Alis 531 Daughter N Y Y
Cynewulf 532 Son N Y Y
Elidis 533 Daughter N Y d.545
Gauter 534 Son N Y Y
Dinaunt 537 Son N Y d.544
Nerovens 540 Son N Y Y
Elaine 541 Daughter N Y d.563
Conerad 544 Son N Y Y
Lavane 550 Son N Y Y
Elias 551 Son N Y d.552
Breunis 553 Son N Y Y
Idain 557 Son N Y Y


After her mother, Lady Ariette, died (and with her father uninterested in re-marrying), Seren took charge of her three younger brothers at the tender age of 6. Since Sir Edern was often away for adventures and battles, she has had to take up many of the household duties at a younger age than most – however, her love for her family has allowed her to do so with a smile. Though her time has been largely isolated with her brothers near the Forest of Dean, she has grown up tall, lovely, and with a beautiful voice. Still, it has been rumored her Pagan-ways have left her a little ungainly at court…

Now married to Sir Sigebryht and living at Castle Astolat.

Lady Seren

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