King Alain de Carlion

King of Escavalon

SIZ: 14 Move 3
DEX: 12 Damage 5d6
STR: 13 Hit Points 30
CON: 16 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 14
Attacks: Dagger 10, Spear Expertise 17, Sword 18, Mace 14
Significant Traits: Lustful 15, Energetic 16, Valorous 17
Significant Passions: Loyalty (Vassals) 16, Honor 17
Significant Skills: Awareness 10, Battle 16, Courtesy 15, First Aid 13, Horsemanship 20, Hunting 16, Play (Harp) 12
Personal Data: Homeland: Estregales; Religion: British Christian; Born: 465


Alain de Carlion is the bastard son of King Nanteleod, and was designated heir to the throne of Escavalon shortly before his father’s death at Netley Marsh. Although brave and capable like his father, he lacks his sire’s political ambition. He was an early supporter of King Arthur, and has formed a close alliance with the High King. He was also a founding member of the Round Table order.

Glory: 12,800

King Alain de Carlion

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