Duke Hervis de Revel

Duke of Anglia

SIZ: 14 Move 3
DEX: 13 Damage 5d6
STR: 16 Hit Points 28
CON: 14 Armor 12 + shield
APP: 16
Attacks: Dagger 8, Spear Expertise 20, Sword 22
Significant Traits: Vengeful 20, Selfish 17, Worldly 15, Cruel 16, Arbitrary 14, Valorous 20
Significant Passions: Fealty (King Arthur) 18, Hate (Saxons) 32
Significant Skills: Awareness 15, Battle 18, Falconry 8, Heraldry 10, Horsemanship 15, Hunting 16, Orate 12, Stewardship 8
Personal Data: Homeland: Caercolun; Religion: British Christian; Born: 488


Duke Hervis de Revel is exemplary of the new breed of self-made knight that appeared during the Anarchy. Although his family lost everything to the Saxons, he eventually earned his spurs at the Battles of Carlion and Bedegraine, being personally knighted by Arthur himself.

After the Battle of Badon Hill, King Arthur created him Duke of Anglia, lord of the former lands of Caercolun and Caerwent, where his father once served as regent to the child Duke of Caercolun before their tragic death at Saxon hands in 486.

It was hoped that, as duke, Hervis will be able to restore order to the conquered Saxon lands. In this, the hope proved vain.

Glory: 28,700

Duke Hervis de Revel

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