Sir Lamorak de Gales

The ultimate Questing Knight

SIZ: 16 Move 3
DEX: 22 Damage 6d6
STR: 15 Hit Points 30
CON: 14 Armor 14 + shield + Armor of Chivalry
APP: 13
Attacks: Dagger 15, Mace 22, Axe 19, Spear Expertise 32, Sword 29, Great Sword 27
Significant Traits: Energetic 18, Generous 14, Honest 16, Just 19, Merciful 15, Prudent 17, Temperate 16, Valorous 22
Directed Traits: Suspicious (Orkneys) +19, Prudent (Orkneys) +5
Significant Passions: Love (family) 16, Homage (Arthur) 16, Honor 16, Love (Margawse) 17
Significant Skills: Awareness 23, Battle 17, Courtesy 16 , Faerie Lore 12, Falconry 9, First Aid 20, Flirting 8, Heraldry 25, Horsemanship 25, Hunting 25, Orate 15, Recognize 16, Romance 7, Siege 14, Singing 7, Tourney 24
Personal Data: Homeland: The Isles; Religion: British Christian; Born: 501


Many years ago Lamorak‚Äôs father, King Pellinore, was treacherously murdered in secret, and since then Sir Lamorak has rarely appeared at court. Instead he prefers to wander the countryside seeking adventure, even appearing at tournaments in disguise, as well as clues to the identity of his father’s murderers.

Sir Lamorak is head of the de Gales family, which was once powerful in Cambria. Since the death of King Pellinore the influence of the de Gales clan has diminished considerably. Thus, even though Lamorak and two of his brothers are members of the Round Table, their patrimony of the Kingdom of Gomeret and The Isles has been seized by King Maelgwyn.

Killed by ambuscade on his way from the Surluse tournament in 552.

Glory: 35,000

Sir Lamorak de Gales

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