Sir Vergil

A little guy with a big heart



Escutcheon of Roman-British heraldry

The smallest knightlyish photo I could find :)


Vergil has tenaciously sought to overcome his relatively small stature, having cultivated his skills of horsemanship, service, diplomacy, and the dagger to overcome his proportions.
“A man will fall to swift hands and a clever mind,” Vergil insists (often just before mysteriously losing his footing). Vergil has been asked of his cold attitude on the subject his father. Of course, what knight would want such unintimidating progeny? So our small squire expends his last ounce of energy to prevail over his fellow squires in the avenues in which he excels. When asked what drives him, he says he hopes to one day become a knight and prove his sire wrong.

His charger, Adonis:

Vergil has also practiced falconry!

Sir Vergil

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