Arthur's mother

SIZ: 12 Move 2
DEX: 14 Damage 3d6
STR: 7 Hit Points 32
CON: 20 Armor 1
APP: 27
Attacks: Dagger 3, Sword 3
Significant Traits: Chaste 19, Generous 16, Just 14, Merciful 17, Temperate 14, Valorous 19
Directed Traits: Trusting (Ladies of the Lake) +5
Significant Passions: Love (family) 20, Hospitality 16, Honor 16
Significant Skills: Awareness 9, Battle 3, Chirurgery 17, Dancing 24, Distaff 8, Faerie Lore 17, Fashion 14, First Aid 15, Flirting 8, Intrigue 16, Read (Latin) 3, Siege 2
Personal Data: Homeland: Ynis Avalon; Religion: British Christian; Born: 464; Woman’s Gift: Potion Brewer


Ygraine was the most beautiful woman in Britain, the cultured daughter of a petty lord of some little western island. She came ashore one day and the late Duke of Cornwall fell instantly in love with her. They formed a strong bond of affection despite the difference in their ages. They had three daughters together.

In the year 491, King Uther Pendragon made war against Cornwall, breaking an alliance he had forged just two years previous. After Gorlois was killed at the Battle of Terrabil, Uther took Ygraine as his wife and made her queen.

Over the next four years, Ygraine suffered the kidnapping of her infant son at the hands of Merlin the Magician, and then the death of her husband and king. After the tragedy of St. Albans, Ygraine retired to Amesbury Abbey, putting her trust in God rather than a land of leaderless knights, and taking her young daughter Morgan with her.

Later in life, she was reunited with her son, now king, Arthur.

Most of Ygraine’s Glory has been gained through marriage.

Died of illness at the age of 67.

Glory: 6,800


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